The M&M Family | St. Cloud Minnesota Family Photographer

October 23, 2010

It was a gorgeous October Saturday when Misty and Mark and their family gathered for their family photos. This session was a combination session: portraits of the kiddos, an engagement session for Misty and Mark, and a family session for all of them together. It was a great session! We scampered all over the park to get a variety of images. Picking out my favorites to share here was so difficult! It was a wonderful session with a beautiful family. The fall colors were bursting, the sun was warm on the horizon, and it all came together perfectly.

Congrats on your engagement! You have a beautiful family! Thank you for allowing me to capture your love.


10 Responses to “The M&M Family | St. Cloud Minnesota Family Photographer”

  1. Hollye Hale Says:

    Tuti~I LOVE your pictures!!!!

  2. Lee Hale Says:

    Great pics guys!

  3. Gary Hahn Says:

    Really enjoyed the photo’s. They were very nicely done. Thanks

  4. Chris Steffes Says:

    Whitney, you look like a model!! I like the one of you by the tree. Love you, Dad

  5. Diane Hahn Says:

    Beautiful photos!

  6. Gorgeous & handsome people.

  7. Debbie Hahn Says:

    Beautiful pictures,love the family picture with Brooklyn and Calvin sitting on the railing!! They ALL were very nice!

  8. Lori Hahn Says:

    Beautiful pictures!!! Beautiful family!!!

  9. Laurie Noska Says:

    Great Pics of the Family!! 🙂

  10. Dell Marie Lamb Says:

    Awesome!! Great scenery!! Beautiful family!!! Good job Winkelman Photography!!

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