A Girl and Her Dog: The Adorable C | St. Cloud Minnesota Child Portrait Photographer

October 30, 2010

I had the opportunity to photograph little C a few weeks ago when her mom and I arranged a play date between our two girls on a Saturday afternoon. This was a quick session, but we got a lot of great images in a short amount of time. I’m also convinced that 3 years old is just about the PERFECT age for child portraits. At 3 they are cute and fun and honest without being cheesy or trying too hard to pose for the camera. I LOVE 3 year olds. And Miss C was no exception. We started out photographing her in a desk that used to belong to her grandma, and it was fun having a prop with a little bit of family history to it.  We did a few more poses on the front porch, and then added the dog, Halle to the mix. It’s obvious that those two are like sisters.

I had a great time photographing these two and am so pleased with how this super quick session turned out! Thanks for having me (us!) over and for letting me capture your love!


11 Responses to “A Girl and Her Dog: The Adorable C | St. Cloud Minnesota Child Portrait Photographer”

  1. Jenna B Says:

    Beautiful pictures!!! I can’t pick out my favorite- they are all perfect!

  2. Sharron Hanson Says:

    I love the pictures of my sweet granddaugher!!!
    Sharron Hanson

  3. Kelly H Says:

    These pictures should be in a magazine!! Adorable!!

  4. Judy VanDenEinde Says:

    I loved all 3 of them but that first one with those blue eyes.. what a little doll… and I love her like she is one of my grandbabies…. TO CUTE…

  5. Christi Says:

    Can’t help but smile when I see these beautiful pics! She looks so innocent!

  6. Megan L. Says:

    Beautiful pics!

  7. Sandy Says:

    What beautiful pictures!

  8. Ruth Vaa Says:

    she is getting so big.. and so beautiful and those blue eyes!!!!

  9. Gina Johnson Says:

    Wow! These pictures are amazing! Helps when you have a beautiful subject (yes, you too Halle)! Nice work!

  10. Kristin Lanners Says:

    Awesome pictures Tina, I need Christmas pictures for the kiddies!!

  11. char Says:

    awwww… so precious! love all of them

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