New Product Alert: Image Boxes

December 30, 2010

I love the idea of having image boxes to house a set of prints from your portrait session. Sometimes, a large wall portrait isn’t what you had in mind – especially if your photography session is a little more private in nature, and not necessarily something you want on your walls for all to see. Other times, you want to have prints from so many photos from your session, it makes sense to purchase an image box as a way to ‘have it all.’

What I love about these image boxes is that they are completely customizable. The front and back covers feature images from your session, and are made of a gorgeous metallic print that is sure to generate oohs and aaahs from all who see it. It’s sooo pretty! Then, inside, are a number of images from your session, mounted onto a sturdy backing, allowing you to display the prints on an easel if you’d like. I’ve even seen some people rotate through their images as a way of keeping things interesting.

I’m so pleased with how these turned out! The boxes themselves hold a series of 5×7 photos from your session. These sample images show the shallower box; a larger box is also available. The number of prints it can hold varies, so we’ll set up an ordering session to work out the details should you decide to purchase this one of a kind item. Pricing for this item varies based on a couple of factors, so contact me to schedule time to plan your purchase.

When it comes to my products, know that I don’t sell anything I wouldn’t be proud to display for myself. I pride myself on finding new and unique products to display your images. These image boxes are a favorite, for sure!

When you purchase a full set of digital images from your session, I include an image box and prints with your order.

Image Box Front Side

Image Box Back Side

Image Box Prints


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