Anticipation! | Central Minnesota, St. Cloud Family, Maternity Photographer

September 20, 2011

Here’s the second set of photos from the amazing sister/maternity/family portrait session I blogged recently. I love how these photos turned out! One of my biggest regrets is that I never had maternity portraits done of myself when I was pregnant, so I’m always eager and excited when a client decides to do a maternity session with me. It’s such a special and magical period of anticipation before the baby arrives – especially when we get the opportunity to photograph the entire family along with momma!

When we shot this session, we had two big hurdles to overcome. 1. It was an insanely busy biking/hiking path, and we had to move around a few bikes/strollers/scooters as well as pedestrians. It wasn’t really a problem, except that I’m not used to having an audience! 2. The mosquitoes that night were ferocious. And it wasn’t even dark yet! But the best part about the evening was when a sweet older lady (in her scooter!) commented that momma-to-be swelled up exceptionally large from her mosquito bite!

I hope that Carrie and family love their portraits as much as I do. It really was an enjoyable evening, and I’m so grateful to them for trusting me to capture these precious moments in time for them.


13 Responses to “Anticipation! | Central Minnesota, St. Cloud Family, Maternity Photographer”

  1. Shirley A. Atkinson Says:

    beautiful pictures….

  2. Jenna Anderson Says:

    Carrie! You are gorgeous! Can’t wait to meet #3!!!

  3. Jennie Farrand Says:

    OMG! I guess we need to keep in touch more often! LOVE the pictures and you look great! I wonder if I am related to Denise somehow????

  4. krista Says:

    Great pics! I’m so excited for you guys 😉

  5. Britt Says:

    Love the pics!! Excited for you!

  6. Juli Says:

    Beautiful pics Carrie – thanks for sharing!

  7. Erin Says:

    Great pics, Carrie! What a beautiful family!

  8. Brandi Says:

    What a GREAT family pic!!! What is the “P” for???

  9. Sue Palo Says:

    Great pics-you are so fortunate…….it’s good to be you!

  10. Sue Preston Says:

    Pretty soon, you all will be “physically” holding this baby in your arms. I absolutely love these pictures! Thanks for sharing, Carrie. Hugs!

  11. Connie Says:

    Love the photos! Can’t wait to meet #3!

  12. kirstin Says:

    What a photogenic family!!! The pictures are lovely!!!

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