The C Family: Photogenic Foursome | St. Cloud Minnesota Family Photographer

December 30, 2011

As 2011 winds to a close, I reflect back on how grateful I am for all my wonderful clients this past year. I’m taking this time, now that the crazy fall and holiday season has passed to finally get caught up on my blog posts, and I am so grateful that everyone has been so very patient with me! Losing my computer to a hardware issue smack dab in the middle of my busiest streak was an unfortunate setback this year, and I spent long hours getting caught up once I had a new computer in hand. Unfortunately, blogging came last on the list of things to do, and so I’m attempting to catch up now! This session is the first in a big series of blog posts you’ll see over the coming week or so.

This gorgeous family came to me by way of referral from a dear friend of mine. (I love referrals!) We set out to meet at a local park for an afternoon of family-style fun. The sun was gorgeous that day, and the weather was unseasonably warm for October in Minnesota! We captured a lot of fun stuff with the family, with the kids, and with mom and dad – even convincing them all to discard their shoes and wade into the chilly waters of the Mississippi River.

I had a great time, and am so pleased with how this session turned out. I am especially fond of the sunflare-style photos we achieved. I love when we can incorporate some hazy sunshine into our session photos!



I feel truly grateful to have had the opportunity to photograph such a warm and caring family. And look at how photogenic they all are! Such a photographer’s dream to work with such nice people. Thanks so much for a wonderful autumn session!


17 Responses to “The C Family: Photogenic Foursome | St. Cloud Minnesota Family Photographer”

  1. Carmen Says:

    Awesome pics! My favorite is the one of all 4 of you standing! ~Carmen

  2. Megan Scepaniak Says:

    I love these pictures, this is much Uncle, Aunt, and cousins. You did an amazing job capturing their love.

  3. Katie Determan Says:

    Very nice story and beautiful Family! Love the pics!!

  4. Delores Curtis Says:

    these picsare wonderful you did a great job they are so special

  5. Delores Curtis Says:

    you did a great job these pics are wonderful

  6. Lindsay McCarthy Says:

    These are such beautiful photos. They turned out very, very well!!!

  7. Connie Hauer Says:

    The family photographs beautifully, and you really captured the beautiful outdoors in these photos. I absolutely love the one of the family sitting on the swing looking out upon the lake.

  8. k curtis Says:

    What a beautiful family.

  9. T Elliott Says:

    Great photos, of a great family!

  10. Dani Curtis Says:

    I had a ton of fun taking these pictures and i think they turned out great!

  11. Karin Says:

    Thank you for all your kind words Denise.

  12. These pictures are beautiful!! I am very lucky to be related to these wonderful beautiful people!! =)

  13. Connie Says:

    Absolutely beautiful pictures, you captured the true beauty of this family

  14. tammy davis Says:

    Great pictures!

  15. Shauna Paler Says:

    Great photos!

  16. Marlene Says:

    Wonderful pictures!

  17. Megan Dingmann Says:

    Very pretty pictures. You all look wonderful!

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