The H Family: Let’s Have a Sleepover! | Central Minnesota Family, Child Photographer

January 11, 2012

Let me explain that title a little bit! After spending some time with these kids during their mini session, they started to actually like me! Shortly after the session, mom and I spent a weekend together scrapbooking photos of our precious cuties. Well, it turns out, my car decided to fail me when it was time to return home, and dad had to come and pick us up from the car dealership to which my car was towed. When I got in their car, these two little cuties argued about who got to sit by me and even invited me to a little sleepover at their house! I have never felt so loved!!!

At any rate, this is the second time I’ve photographed these two little ones. Two years ago, when I did a portfolio call, I photographed the two of them in their backyard, being cute kids. (Some day I will go back and blog some of those sessions from the archives!)

We had so much fun being silly this day. For a brother and sister, they got along strangely well – hugging and holding hands even if I didn’t necessarily ask them to. And certainly no one saying “Ewww!” In other words, these kids were a dream to work with. Except for maybe one teeny tiny little meltdown at the very end… but when working with 3 year olds, you gotta expect it. Otherwise, they were perfect. I even convinced mom and dad to join in on a few pictures.


Seriously cute stuff happening here. I can’t wait until I can photograph them again.


4 Responses to “The H Family: Let’s Have a Sleepover! | Central Minnesota Family, Child Photographer”

  1. Kerry Backes Says:

    I love these two kids. Nick and Grace have been friends since they were infants 🙂 I will keep you in mind when I am looking for a photographer in the future.

  2. Melissa K. Says:

    Love, Love, LOVE!!! These turned out so great!

  3. Michelle M Says:

    Denise has talent when it comes to design. I love her work — the family pics were great and she did a great job with the xmas card.

  4. Precious!! I love them!

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