Outdoors on the K Family Farm | Central Minnesota Family Photographer

January 18, 2012

This family came to me by way of referral from a friend. I do actually know mom – but she didn’t know that I’m a photographer. She wanted to hire a photographer to do her family photos because last year she attempted to corral the family for photos herself and decided that this year she’d bring in hired help. I’m grateful my friend Tami suggested she contact me – I was able to come in and direct the group, leaving mom to relax and the rest of the family to have to listen to me instead. She had a very specific vision for this session, with wanting to incorporate the college sweatshirts into the session. They are a sports family, and this is their thing. Those who know me know bold and bright isn’t me – but these worked SO WELL that I think I may just be coming around and embracing bright colors.

We spent a windy (and cold!) October afternoon around their hobby farm, walking through the woods, and taking photos. I think the boys may have been a teeny tiny bit reluctant, but I think I coaxed a few natural smiles out of them. It really was the perfect setting – the family nice and cozy in their college fleece with the autumn leaves and vivid October sun providing a backdrop for the session. I, of course, in my black leggings, was covered in all sorts of burs and sticky forest vegetation – but it was definitely worth it to get these shots.


While I was mostly there to capture them as a family, can I just say that the photos I took of mom and dad alone are my FAVORITES from the session!



Thanks K family for a great session! I know we were all pretty chilly at the end of the afternoon, but I think we captured some great family moments together. Thanks so much for trusting me to capture your family and your love!


One Response to “Outdoors on the K Family Farm | Central Minnesota Family Photographer”

  1. Dion Says:

    Nice pictures!! I like the nice primary sweatshirts against those colors!!

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