I have been taking pictures since I was 12 years old. I love to look thru the lens and capture interesting things from different perspectives. I use this blog to highlight samples of my work. When you book a portrait session with me, I use this blog to provide sneak peeks of your session and as a means for you to share your images with your family and friends.

I believe that every family, every event, every milestone deserves to be recorded. Your portrait session is an investment – it’s your way of preserving those moment in time.

When you trust me with your portrait session, know that my goal is to capture the natural you. I don’t think of my work as posing you so much as it is directing you and capturing those honest and realistic moments. I want you to be you! I encourage my clients to choose clothing that represents who they are and not to feel pressured into clothing choices that just aren’t them. I believe that every person and every family is beautiful, regardless of size or shape, and I work to capture that beauty in your portraits.  Above all, I strive to create images that you will be proud to put on display.

Sessions are scheduled by appointment.  To reserve your session, your session fee is paid in advance, along with a signed contract. Then at your session, I spend 1-2 hours working with you, capturing your love and your life. My sessions are low key and not forced, allowing you to be comfortable and relaxed. After your session, I analyze your images carefully, and meticulously select the best 30-35 from your session to display in an online, password-protected gallery, which is posted for a period of 14 days, allowing you to review your photos and make your purchasing decisions. I also offer in-person ordering sessions at no additional charge. These ordering sessions come in handy when you just can’t decide what to order.

A current pricelist is provided to you at the time the session is booked. I offer many fine photographic products and collections to meet all your needs.

Contact me today to discuss scheduling your portrait session!



Denise Winkelman Photography






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