Let me explain that title a little bit! After spending some time with these kids during their mini session, they started to actually like me! Shortly after the session, mom and I spent a weekend together scrapbooking photos of our precious cuties. Well, it turns out, my car decided to fail me when it was time to return home, and dad had to come and pick us up from the car dealership to which my car was towed. When I got in their car, these two little cuties argued about who got to sit by me and even invited me to a little sleepover at their house! I have never felt so loved!!!

At any rate, this is the second time I’ve photographed these two little ones. Two years ago, when I did a portfolio call, I photographed the two of them in their backyard, being cute kids. (Some day I will go back and blog some of those sessions from the archives!)

We had so much fun being silly this day. For a brother and sister, they got along strangely well – hugging and holding hands even if I didn’t necessarily ask them to. And certainly no one saying “Ewww!” In other words, these kids were a dream to work with. Except for maybe one teeny tiny little meltdown at the very end… but when working with 3 year olds, you gotta expect it. Otherwise, they were perfect. I even convinced mom and dad to join in on a few pictures.


Seriously cute stuff happening here. I can’t wait until I can photograph them again.


Stephanie and I go way back, nearly all the way to high school. She’s a dear friend to me, and a loyal client. I’ve been photographing her daughter since she was a month old. When I announced my mini sessions, Stephanie was the first to sign up. Her children are fun, energetic, and lively. They are also great subjects in front of the camera.

What more can I saw about how incredible this session was. The kids were so much fun to be around, and so enthusiastic! I’m so very happy with how this session turned out. As usual, mom did a great job coordinating outfits for everyone. And can I let you in on a secret? I LOVE ripped jeans. I’m not into fancy, formal, perfect stuff. The fact that big sis wore flip flops for the session? Perfection.



I featured a session with these kiddos last year on this blog. You can see them here:


Look how much they have changed and grown over the last year. Such sweet kids. I look forward to next year’s session.

Every once in awhile, I remember to photograph my own child, too. At the end of my day of mini sessions, I planned to take Gianna’s portraits to use on our holiday cards. Have I ever mentioned how Gianna entered this world? When I was pregnant with her, my water broke three weeks before my due date, putting my plans for a controlled induction into a crazy tail spin. THEN, she refused to come out for another 25 hours. Yep, stubborn from the get-go this one is. Stubborn, and spunky, and determined. Yet, I can’t imagine her any other way. All this means is that when I planned to do this session with her, I knew what I was in for. Six-and-a-half years of experience with her tells me my time with her in front of the camera is limited, and I have to learn to move quickly before she’s done.

I feel lucky to have captured as much as I did that day. In fact, my biggest obstacle wasn’t a temperamental subject, it was the quickly fading sunlight. (To be fair, it wasn’t so much that she was temperamental, it was that she had very specific ideas on the types of poses she was interested in doing. We are currently in a blowing-kisses phase.) 

Here she is, my beautiful daughter, growing up far too quickly for this sentimental momma.


I recently offered a day of mini sessions for my clients – a shorter session, a smaller gallery, and for me, a whole bunch of sessions at a single location in one day. Win, win. And then they showed up in this amazingly coordinated wardrobe, full of texture and contrast – it was like a bonus win for me.

In addition to photos of the family as a whole, mom requested photos of the girls as well as some fun shots of her and her husband. Like engagement photos, just for people who have been married awhile. I accomplished all three goals in our short half hour together, and am so happy with the results I got. Everyone was happy and cooperative. (Though I think the girls were snickering a bit when mom and dad had to kiss for the camera.) I have picked a few favorites to share with you all here.



Technically, I’ve repeated the mom-and-dad-kissing photo in this third set, but it works SO WELL with this series, I just had to. Plus, I love how dramatic these photos are when done in black and white.


I am so happy with how easily this session came together and how wonderful the results were. Thanks so much for trusting me to capture this fun day with your family!

As 2011 winds to a close, I reflect back on how grateful I am for all my wonderful clients this past year. I’m taking this time, now that the crazy fall and holiday season has passed to finally get caught up on my blog posts, and I am so grateful that everyone has been so very patient with me! Losing my computer to a hardware issue smack dab in the middle of my busiest streak was an unfortunate setback this year, and I spent long hours getting caught up once I had a new computer in hand. Unfortunately, blogging came last on the list of things to do, and so I’m attempting to catch up now! This session is the first in a big series of blog posts you’ll see over the coming week or so.

This gorgeous family came to me by way of referral from a dear friend of mine. (I love referrals!) We set out to meet at a local park for an afternoon of family-style fun. The sun was gorgeous that day, and the weather was unseasonably warm for October in Minnesota! We captured a lot of fun stuff with the family, with the kids, and with mom and dad – even convincing them all to discard their shoes and wade into the chilly waters of the Mississippi River.

I had a great time, and am so pleased with how this session turned out. I am especially fond of the sunflare-style photos we achieved. I love when we can incorporate some hazy sunshine into our session photos!



I feel truly grateful to have had the opportunity to photograph such a warm and caring family. And look at how photogenic they all are! Such a photographer’s dream to work with such nice people. Thanks so much for a wonderful autumn session!

Here’s the second set of photos from the amazing sister/maternity/family portrait session I blogged recently. I love how these photos turned out! One of my biggest regrets is that I never had maternity portraits done of myself when I was pregnant, so I’m always eager and excited when a client decides to do a maternity session with me. It’s such a special and magical period of anticipation before the baby arrives – especially when we get the opportunity to photograph the entire family along with momma!

When we shot this session, we had two big hurdles to overcome. 1. It was an insanely busy biking/hiking path, and we had to move around a few bikes/strollers/scooters as well as pedestrians. It wasn’t really a problem, except that I’m not used to having an audience! 2. The mosquitoes that night were ferocious. And it wasn’t even dark yet! But the best part about the evening was when a sweet older lady (in her scooter!) commented that momma-to-be swelled up exceptionally large from her mosquito bite!

I hope that Carrie and family love their portraits as much as I do. It really was an enjoyable evening, and I’m so grateful to them for trusting me to capture these precious moments in time for them.

I am soo excited to be able to offer mini sessions again this fall! Mini sessions are the perfect option for the budget-minded. Your 30-minute session is just $75, with a $50 print credit towards your order. It’s perfect for capturing photos of little ones or of your family for the upcoming holiday season! I’ll have some special packages available to mini  session customers as well, and I’ll be announcing those once I have the details finalized.

Fall mini sessions will take place on Saturday, October 15th from 2:30-6:30 pm. (Location is still to be determined, but will take place in the St. Cloud area.) Call or email early to guarantee your spot is reserved. Sessions must be paid in advance in order to be considered held.


Fall color will be at its peak; it’s the perfect time to have your fall portrait taken!