Working hard on my 2013 resolution to share more of my photography here on my blog. I had hopes to blog 1-2 times per week, but as you can see, it’s been over a month since my last post! No excuses; I’m just trying to make a point to share things more frequently because I have had so many wonderful clients and photo sessions over the last year or so that I’m eager to share with everyone!

This family is no exception. After trying to coordinate our schedules for a couple months and find a date that worked for the both of us, we eventually found ourselves together on a Saturday evening, late in June of last summer. I found a wonderful location just a short distance from their home, and we set out to have little Miss A’s photos taken! We even managed to get mom and dad into a few shots as well.

I love this little girl’s dress, and of course, her beautiful blue eyes! She’s quite an adorable little girl! Of course, mom and dad have passed on their wonderful genes, and they are just such a photogenic little family!

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When little K’s mom contacted me about photographing her little girl, I was excited to learn that I would be photographing a three-year old! I love photographing three-year old children! There’s something about that age I find so magical. They are sweet and cute and funny. Sometimes they listen to me, and sometimes they have their own agenda, but either way, it’s an enjoyable age to photograph!

We took K to a local park for her session. The weather was beautiful and K was adorable. The only downfall were the thousands of hungry mosquitoes! I promised K if she did a good job with the session, there would be a little surprise at the end – a bunch of balloons! Cute girl + pigtails + pink balloons = adorable photos. See for yourself.


I am so pleased with how this session turned out, and so very grateful to Miss K’s family for trusting me to capture this adorable little girl at this sweet age. 🙂

You know how I can tell I’m growing as a photographer? When I go back and edit each session, and the most recent session becomes my favorite. Meaning, each time I do a session, I like it better than the one before. To me, it shows that my skills are continually getting better, and that’s a good thing. It keeps me from getting bored and my art becoming stale.

When mom Alanna asked me to do her family photos for their Christmas cards, I had just the solution in mind. Seeing as how she’s a fellow photographer, we worked out a little deal… Alanna photographed my family, and I photographed hers. Easy peasy lemon squeezy. Plus, she has this ADORABLE little boy who just oozes cuteness… how could I possibly say no?! So she had this image in mind, where we photographed Mr. B next to mom and dad’s feet. Mission accomplished. But we continued to take a few more photographs, including some outdoors. Luckily, they had the perfect setup in their backyard – some hay bales tucked behind some tall pine trees. Of course, we had gotten a few inches of fresh snow just the day before, and big fat snowflakes continued to fall during the session. It was the perfect backdrop. Did I mention how much I love her houndstooth jacket? Seriously, it’s like this session was where everything just fell into place. Well, other than the fact that it was about 5 degrees that day. Oh the things we do for the perfect picture!

Anyway, I love how this session turned out. And as sessions go, it was sooo quick and easy. Mr. B was cooperative as ever, and mom and dad participated enthusiastically. (Sometimes dads can be a bit reluctant, but not this guy!) Plus, the cute fashion… what more could I ask for?


Thanks guys for asking me to do your family portraits this year. I had a great time, and I am sooo in love with the photos we got! You are such a photogenic bunch – it was my treat to come and work with you!

It was a gorgeous October Saturday when Misty and Mark and their family gathered for their family photos. This session was a combination session: portraits of the kiddos, an engagement session for Misty and Mark, and a family session for all of them together. It was a great session! We scampered all over the park to get a variety of images. Picking out my favorites to share here was so difficult! It was a wonderful session with a beautiful family. The fall colors were bursting, the sun was warm on the horizon, and it all came together perfectly.

Congrats on your engagement! You have a beautiful family! Thank you for allowing me to capture your love.

I had the privilege of photographing a favorite family of mine. When I got my start doing photography (on film, in another life, before children), it was with this family. Mom Stephanie and I have been friends for a long time, and when she gave birth to her daughter (who is now 9!),  I photographed her many, many times. I’ve photographed them as a family several times, so getting to photograph them again this summer was like coming home: it was familiar territory. They are fun, and cute, and so great to work with. I’m proud to call them clients and even prouder to call them friends.

And so here’s a sneak peek of the photos I caught that night. I love the energy this family had with one another. So much fun and silliness. It really was a great session.

Thanks so much for allowing me to capture your love!